Off-Topic III: Books

Page from Martin Luther's German translation of the Bible (Psalms 50-52), 
published by the heirs of Hans Krafft at Wittenberg 

The Life of George Washington 
Parson Weems 
1800; 1809 edition

A History of the United States of America 
Rev. Charles A. Goodrich


Obituary Addresses on the Occasion of the Death of the 
Honorable Henry Clay 
1852, limited edition of 10,000

Personal Memorials of Daniel Webster 

The New Testament in German and English 

History of the 95th Illinois Infantry Volunteers (Civil War)
Wales W. Wood

Memoirs of General William Tecumseh Sherman 
1875, first edition, with map

Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant 
1885; 1886 edition

A Christmas Carol 
Charles Dickens 
1895 edition

Ranch Life and the Hunting Trail 
Theodore Roosevelt 
Illustrated by Frederic Remington 
1888; 1904 edition

Tenting On the Plains 
Elizabeth Custer 
1887; 1889 edition


The Rough Riders 
Theodore Roosevelt 
1899, first edition

The Story of the Spanish-American War 
and the Revolt in the Philippines 
W. Nephew King, Lieutenant, USN 
1898; 1900 edition

The Spanish-American War 
Russell Alexander Alger 
(signed and inscribed by the author)
1901, first edition 

A Short Life of Abraham Lincoln 
(condensed from Nicolay & Hay's Abraham Lincoln: A History)
John G. Nicolay 
1902, first edition

Cyrano De Bergerac 
Edmond Rostand 
1897; 1898 edition


The Hound of the Baskervilles 
Arthur Conan Doyle 
1902, first edition, first state

Girlhood's Golden Days 

An Old Sweetheart of Mine 
James Whitcomb Riley 
Illustrated by Howard Chandler Christy 
1888; 1902 edition 

Haunts of Ancient Peace 
Alfred Austin, Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom 
1902, first edition

The Works of Alfred, Lord Tennyson

The Leading Facts of American History 
D. H. Montgomery 

The Five Nations 
Rudyard Kipling 
1903, first edition, with advertising insert

A Tramp Abroad 
Mark Twain 
1880; 1903 edition 

Arizona Nights 
Stewart Edward White 
Illustrated by N. C. Wyeth 

The Black Arrow 
Robert Louis Stevenson 
Illustrated by N. C. Wyeth 
1924 edition 

I Was There! with the Yanks in France 
Sketches Made on the Western Front, 1917-1919 by Pvt. Cyrus LeRoy Baldridge, A.E.F. 
Verse by Pvt. Hilmar R. Baukhage, A.E.F.
1919, softcover edition

Theodore Roosevelt Memorial 
Senator Henry Cabot Lodge 
(signed by the author) 
1919, limited edition of 575

A Story of Our Gang: Romping Through the Hal Roach Comedies/A Day with Our Gang 
Eleanor Lewis Packer 

Why You Should Vote for President Hoover 
William and Charles Marsh 


The Devil and Daniel Webster 
Stephen Vincent Benét 
Illustrated by Harold Denison 
(signed by the author and the illustrator) 
1937 limited edition, with slipcase 

Walt Disney's Story of Minnie Mouse 


The Grapes of Wrath 
John Steinbeck 
1939, ninth printing

The Ring of the Niblung
Richard Wagner
Illustrated by Arthur Rackham
first 1939 edition
The work was first published with Rackham's illustrations in 1910.

For Whom the Bell Tolls 
Ernest Hemingway 
1940, first edition, later printing 

You Can't Go Home Again
Thomas Wolfe
1940, first edition

U.S. Camera 1941 
Volumes I and II 
1940, first edition


A Smattering of Ignorance 
Oscar Levant 
1939; 1942 edition  

America On Guard 
Thomas Penfield


Barry Blake of the Flying Fortress 
Gaylord DuBois 

A Treasury of American Folklore 
Edited by B. A. Botkin 
Foreword by Carl Sandburg 
1944, fifth printing 

The St. Louis Cardinals: The Story of a Great Baseball Club 
Frederick G. Lieb 

Duel in the Sun 
Niven Busch 
1944; first 1946 edition, second printing


The Bells of St. Mary's 
Novelization of the Leo McCarey film 
by George Victor Martin, from the screenplay by Dudley Nichols 

Bing Crosby and the Bing Crosby Style 
Dr. J. T. H. Mize 

Bing Crosby and the Bing Crosby Style 
Dr. J. T. H. Mize 
1948, revised and enlarged edition with dust jacket

The Incredible Crosby 
Barry Ulanov 


Call Me Lucky 
Bing Crosby, Pete Martin 

Here Is New York
E. B. White 
Insert with essays by Clifton Fadiman and Wolcott Gibbs 
1949, first book club edition

King of the Wind 
Marguerite Henry 
Illustrated by Wesley Dennis 
1948; 1951 edition


Tom and Jerry 


Red Ryder Coloring Book 

 The Big Kill 
Mickey Spillane 
1951 paperback, first edition thus 

The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis
Max Shulman
1951; 1953 Garden City Press edition

Treadmill to Oblivion
Fred Allen
Illustrated by Al Hirschfeld

This is War!
David Douglas Duncan
1951, first edition

Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo 
Captain Ted W. Lawson 
1943; 1953 edition


Guadalcanal Diary 
Richard Tregaskis 
1943; 1955 edition 

Merry Christmas, Mr. Baxter 
Edward Streeter 
Illustrated by Dorothea Warren Fox 
1956, first edition

How to Build and Operate a Model Railroad 
Marshall McClintock 

Roundabout Train 

The Hidden Persuaders 
Vance Packard 
1957, first edition
1958, paperback edition

Brave New World Revisited 
Aldous Huxley 
1958, first edition

The Most of S. J. Perelman
S. J. Perelman
1958, first edition

Terror Is My Trade
Stephen Marlowe
1958, first edition

Beat, Beat, Beat
William F. Brown
1959, first edition

Leon Uris 
1958, first edition

The Reivers 
William Faulkner 
1962, first edition

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance 
Novelization of the John Ford film 
by James Warner Bellah, from the screenplay by Bellah and Willis Goldbeck 

Leave It to Beaver paperbacks 
Beverly Cleary 

Gwendolyn the Miracle Hen 
Nancy Sherman 
Illustrated by Edward Sorel 

Nutshell Library 
Maurice Sendak 

Happiness Is a Warm Puppy 
Charles M. Schulz 



Fun With Our Friends 

More Fun With Our Friends 

The Strange Disappearance of Mr. Toast 
Stuart Brent 
(signed by the author) 

Confessions of an Advertising Man 
David Ogilvy 
1963, first edition


Mandate For Change 
Dwight D. Eisenhower 
1963, book club edition 


General Douglas MacArthur 

The Death of a President
William Manchester
1967, first edition

Robin and the 7 Hoods 
Novelization of the film 
by Jack Pearl 
1964, first edition 

François Truffaut
1966; 1984 revised edition

A Cellarful of Noise
Brian Epstein
1964; 1965 paperback edition


In His Own Write 
A Spaniard in the Works 
John Lennon


Photographs, scenario, and music from the Beatles film 


Bob Dylan 
Daniel Kramer 
1967, second edition


From Ghetto to Glory: The Story of Bob Gibson 
Bob Gibson with Phil Pepe 
1968, hardbound and paperback editions

Instant Replay 
Jerry Kramer, edited by Dick Schaap 

In Cold Blood 
Truman Capote 
1965, first book club edition

Kurt Vonnegut 
1969, first book club edition 

From Those Wonderful Folks Who Gave You Pearl Harbor 
Jerry Della Femina 
1970, second printing

The Best and the Brightest
David Halberstam
1972 first edition, second printing

Why a Duck? 
Edited by Richard J. Anobile 
Introduction by Groucho Marx 


Groucho, Harpo, Chico and Sometimes Zeppo
Joe Adamson
1973, first edition

The Great American Baseball Card Flipping, Trading, and Bubble Gum Book 
Brendan C. Boyd and Fred C. Harris 
1973, first edition


Plain Speaking 
An oral biography of Harry S. Truman 
by Merle Miller 
1974, fourth impression 

Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio? 
Maury Allen 
1975, first edition

Music is My Mistress
Duke Ellington
1973, first edition


Of Minnie the Moocher & Me 
Cab Calloway, Bryant Rollins 
1976, first edition, first printing 


Mark Twain in the Movies 
John Seelye 


The Album Cover Album 
Edited by Hipgnosis and Roger Dean 


The Americans 
Robert Frank 
Introduction by Jack Kerouac 
1959 (U.S.); 1978 Aperture edition


Pappy: The Life of John Ford 
Dan Ford 
1979, first edition


The Face of Lincoln 
Compiled and edited by James Mellon 
1979, first edition


The Beatles 
Text by Geoffrey Stokes 
Introduction by Leonard Bernstein 
Cover art and poster print by Andy Warhol 

From Bauhaus to Our House 
Tom Wolfe 
1981, third printing

Son of the Morning Star
Evan S. Connell
1984, fifth printing

The Hunt for Red October 
Tom Clancy 

Kurt Vonnegut 
1985, first book club edition

The Mick 
Mickey Mantle with Herb Gluck 
(signed by the author)
1985, first edition

Style 1930 
Klaus-Jurgen Sembach 
1971, Germany; this is the 1986 U.S. edition


Reel Art: Great Posters From the Golden Age of the Silver Screen 
Stephen Rebello and Richard Allen 
1988, second printing 

The Babe: A Life in Pictures 
Lawrence S. Ritter, text; Mark Rucker, picture editor 
1988, first edition

Gary Giddins 
1988; 1992 softcover, first edition thus

Thomas Hart Benton: An American Original 
Henry Adams 
1989, first edition

Hail to the Candidate: Presidential Campaigns From Banners to Broadcasts 
Keith Melder 
1992, first edition

Turning Point 
Jimmy Carter 
(signed by the author)

The Tuskegee Airmen 
Charles E. Francis 
(signed by 14 Tuskegee Airmen) 
1955; 1993 expanded edition

No Ordinary Time 
Doris Kearns Goodwin

The Path to Power
Margaret Thatcher 
(signed by the author)
1995, first U.S. edition

Masters of American Sculpture 
Donald Martin Reynolds 
1993, first edition

Gustav Klimt: From Drawing to Painting 
Christian M. Nebehay 
1992, Germany; this is the 1994 U.S. edition

Ghosts of the Skies: Aviation in the Second World War 
Philip Makanna 
1995, first edition

Toy Story: The Art and Making of the Animated Film 
John Lasseter and Steve Daly 
(signed by Tom Hanks and Tim Allen) 
1995, first edition 

Batman Collected 
Written, designed, and art-directed by Chip Kidd 
1996, first edition

The All-American Skin Game
Stanley Crouch
1995, first edition

New York in the 1930s
Samuel Fuller
1997, first edition


Vertigo: The Making of a Hitchcock Classic 
Dan Auiler
foreword by Martin Scorsese 
1998, first edition


Paper Dreams: The Art & Artists of Disney Storyboards 
John Canamaker 
1999, first edition

Bing Crosby: A Pocketful of Dreams 
Gary Giddins 
(signed and inscribed to me by the author) 
2001, first edition

Bing Crosby: Day by Day 
Malcolm Macfarlane 
(signed and inscribed to me by the author)

Ronald Reagan: An American Hero 
with reflections by Nancy Reagan 
introduction by William F. Buckley, Jr. 
2001, first edition

John Ford: The Complete Films
Scott Eyman
2004, first edition

To America: Personal Reflections of an Historian 
Stephen E. Ambrose 

William Claxton and Joachim E. Berendt
Above: 1961 first edition (West Germany)
Below: 2005 expanded Taschen edition

The Lincoln Highway: The Great American Road Trip 
Michael Wallis, Michael S. Williamson 
2007, first edition

Stan Musial: An American Life 
George Vecsey 

One Last Strike
Tony La Russa with Rick Hummel 
(signed by the author)
2012, first edition

The Beatles: A Hard Day's Night, a Private Archive
Mark Lewisohn
2016, first edition

 Matthew Weiner: Mad Men
2016, first edition
Two volumes in slipcase.

Bing Crosby: Swinging on a Star
Gary Giddins
(signed and inscribed to me by the author)
2018, first edition

All books are from the collection of Jon Oye. 

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