Bing Crosby Records and Album Covers

Bing's first commercial recording, "I've Got the Girl," 1926. Uncredited, he and singing partner Al Rinker provided the vocal chorus.

Still uncredited, Bing was the lead vocalist on this 1929 Paul Whiteman disc, "If I Had a Talking Picture of You."

Bing and the Rhythm Boys backed Duke Ellington and His Orchestra on "Three Little Words," both on the 1930 recording and in the film Check and Double Check - though they were not seen onscreen.

"Down the Old Ox Road," featured in College Humor, starring Bing, Harold Arlen and Jack Oakie, 1933.

"After Sundown"/"Down the Old Ox Road," reissue on Oriole label, 1933.

Rodgers & Hart's "It's Easy to Remember" from the film Mississippi, starring Bing and W. C. Fields, 1935.

"I'm An Old Cowhand" was songwriter Johnny Mercer's first big hit, thanks to Bing's recording and the song's inclusion in the Crosby vehicle Rhythm On the Range, 1936.

By 1937 Bing had long been the world's top radio and recording artist, easily rating his own picture label for his recordings of "The Moon Got in My Eyes" and "Smarty" on English Brunswick.

Bing's 1937 records of "Blue Hawaii" and "Sweet Is the Word for You" on English Brunswick.

78 rpm album, Small Fry, 1941.

78 rpm album, Cowboy Songs, 1939.

78 rpm album, Favorite Hawaiian Songs Volume One, 1946.

78 rpm album, Ballad For Americans, 1940.

78 rpm record label, Ballad For Americans, 1940.

78 rpm album, What So Proudly We Hail, 1946.

The #1 selling recording of all time.

"Don't Fence Me In," 1944.

78 rpm album, Going My Way, 1945. Note the line under the title: "Academy Award Picture."

78 rpm album, Selections from Leo McCarey's The Bells of St. Mary's, 1945.

78 rpm V-Disc, Medley from Dixie, circa mid-1940s.

78 rpm album, Selections From the Paramount Picture Road to Utopia, 1946.
Below: booklet insert, with Burke & Van Heusen song lyrics.

78 rpm album, Bing Crosby - Jerome Kern, 1946.

78 rpm album, The Happy Prince, with Orson Welles and Victor Young, 1946

78 rpm album, St. Patrick's Day, 1947.

The mother of all Christmas records: 78 rpm album, Merry Christmas, 1947.

78 rpm album, Blue Skies, 1946.

Album made for storage of up to twelve 78 rpm records.

78 rpm album, The Emperor Waltz, 1948.

78 rpm album, El Bingo, 1947.

78 rpm album, Walt Disney's Ichabod: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, 1949.

Auld Lang Syne 10" LP, 1948.

Mr. Music 10" LP, 1950.

45 rpm single, "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," 1950.

Christmas Greetings, 45 rpm box set, 1950.

A Crosby Christmas, 45 rpm EP, 1950.

Der Bingle 10" LP, 1950s. Cover art by Sam Norkin.

Road to Bali box set of 45 rpm singles, 1952.

When Irish Eyes are Smiling, double 45 rpm EP set, 1950.

Little Boy Lost soundtrack EP, 1953.

Bing: A Musical Autobiography 5-LP set, 1954.

The 17-record 45 rpm edition of Bing: A Musical Autobiography.

The Country Girl soundtrack EP, 1954.

"Peace Prayer" and "Blessing of St. Francis" EP (narrated by Bing), 1955.

The LP version of Merry Christmas, 1955.

A Christmas Sing With Bing EP album, 1956.

A Christmas Sing With Bing, British LP version.

Anything Goes soundtrack LP, 1956.

Songs I Wish I Had Sung the First Time Around LP, 1956.

High Tor soundtrack LP, 1956.

After Bing's contract with Decca Records expired in the mid-1950s, his now-former record company began to repackage old material from the vast catalogue of their all-time biggest money maker. Following are a few examples. 

High Society soundtrack LP, 1956.

Bing Sings Whilst Bregman Swings LP, 1956.

Bing with a Beat LP, 1957.

Extended play 45 rpm singles featuring songs from the long playing album Bing with a Beat, 1957.

New Tricks LP, 1957.

How Lovely is Christmas children's LP, 1957.

"How Lovely Is Christmas"/"Never Be Afraid" 45 rpm single, Crowley's Milk Company promotion, 1957.

Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves 40 children's LP, 1957.

"Straight Down the Middle"/"Tomorrow's My Lucky Day," 1958.

Bing & Bob sing "Paris Holiday"/"Nothing in Common," 45 rpm EP, 1958.

The 45 rpm single of "Paris Holiday"/"Nothing in Common," 1958.

To Bali and Morocco with Bing and Bob, 45 rpm EP, UK, 1958.

Fancy Meeting You Here LP, 1958.

Some Fine Old Chestnuts (1954) and Fancy Meeting You Here (1958), 45 rpm EPs.

The Bells of St. Mary's 45 rpm EP (Australia), circa 1958-61.

Young Bing Crosby LP, 1959.

Public service recordings, 1950s-'60s.

How the West Was Won, with Rosemary Clooney and various artists 1960.

Bing & Satchmo LP, 1960.

"Dardanella" 45 rpm single, 1960.

Bing and Bob hit the road once more in 1962, this time to encourage tourists to visit the state of Minnesota.

The Bing's Hollywood series: 15 LPs released simultaneously by Decca in 1962. Cover art by James Meese.

Bing recorded one last album for Decca, Holiday In Europe, released in 1962.

"The Oldest Established Permanent Floating Crap Game in New York"/"Fugue For Tinhorns" (with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin) 45 rpm single, 1963.

As an honorary member of The Rat Pack, Bing stole the show in Robin and the 7 Hoods, 1964.

America I Hear You Singing LP, 1964. 

Bing Crosby Sings the Great Country Hits LP, 1964.

That Travelin' Two-Beat LP, with Rosemary Clooney, 1965

"How Green Was My Valley" 45 rpm single, 1966. 

Family Christmas Favorites premium LP, "Created exclusively for Safeway by Decca Records," circa late 1960s 

Songs of Christmas Decca/La-Z-Boy premium LP, 1967.

Thoroughly Modern Bing LP, 1968

"What's More American" 45 rpm single, 1968.

African Safari 10" LP, private pressing, 1968.

Hey Jude/Hey Bing! LP, 1969.

Bing Crosby's San Francisco Experience LP, 1970.

"A Time to Be Jolly" 45 rpm single, 1971. 

A Time to Be Jolly LP, 1971.

Bing 'n Basie LP, 1972.

Promo copy of "Gonna Build a Mountain"/"Sugar Don't You Know" 45, 1973.

A Southern Memoir LP, 1975. 

Tom Sawyer LP, 1976.

Feels Good, Feels Right LP, 1976.

A Couple of Song & Dance Men LP, 1976.

Live at the London Palladium LP, 1976.

That's What Life Is All About LP, 1976.

That's What Life Is All About 8-track tape, 1976.

Seasons LP, posthumously released in 1977.