Off-Topic VI: Portfolio of My Artwork

Portraits of Presidents

Pencil drawing.

Pencil drawing.

Pencil drawing.


Pen & ink line w/ digital color.
Lake Wandawega, Elkhorn, WI

Pen & ink line.
St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Waukegan, IL

Pencil drawing.
Berghoff menu cover.

Portraits of Celebrities

Pencil drawing.
11x14" prints of this piece available on archival paper, signed by the artist*

Felt tip pen drawing.

Pencil drawing.

Felt tip pen drawing.

Pen & ink stipple drawing.

John Lennon at 75
Pencil + Photoshop sketch.

Pencil drawing with ink wash.

Pencil drawing.

Caricature in pencil w/ digital color.

Pen & Ink Stipple Drawings

18x12.5" prints of this piece available on archival paper, signed by the artist*

18x12" prints of this piece available on archival paper, signed by the artist*

Sports Figures

Airbrushed dyes and colored pencil.

Pencil sketch.

Graphite pencil over dye wash with colored pencil.

Storyboard and Layout


Digital art.

Pen & ink + Photoshop.

Promotional items for Ballhawks film: Tee Shirt designs (in collaboration with Tim Hogan), and drawings for proposed bobbleheads.

Pen & ink w/ digital color.

Multiple portrait in pencil.

Design collaboration with Allie Ruane. Image adapted from a line drawing I created.
Below: detail 

All artwork is the property of Jon Oye. 
None of the above images may be reproduced in any form or format, including, but not limited to, digital or print, without written permission.
© Jon Oye, 2017

* To inquire about purchasing available prints ($15.00 each, plus $5.00 for shipping & handling) email

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