Bing Crosby Memorabilia, Advertising, and Promotional Items

 Photograph signed by Bing, circa 1929. 

Lobby card, Star Spangled Rhythm, 1942.

Left to right: Frank Sinatra, John Wayne, Bing, and Bob Hope clowning around before taping a Hope TV special. Wire photo, 1975.

Photograph of The Rhythm Boys: Al Rinker (left), Bing (waving to camera), and Harry Barris (seated on the right), 1928.

Advertisement promoting the Rhythm Boys with bandleader Gus Arnheim at the Cocoanut Grove, circa 1930.

Sheet music, 1931.

 Multi-page trade ad, 1945.

Unpublished photos of Bing with U.S. troops in Europe during WWII.

Pamphlet given to GIs returning from WWII, 1945.

1966 ad.

Pre-"White Christmas" Decca Records promotional flyer.

Whitman's Chocolates ad with Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour, promoting Road to Bali, 1952-53.

With Eddie Lang in a publicity still for The Big Broadcast, 1932.

78 rpm album, Blue Skies, 1946. 

With Frank Sinatra and Frankie Laine on the set of High Society, 1956.

Bing records with Frank Sinatra, 1963 press photo.

Bing preaches to the choir, plugging Sports Illustrated in Sports Illustrated, 1957. 

Bing records the 1960 installment of A Christmas Sing With Bing with Rosemary Clooney.

Lobby card, Going My Way, 1944.

Going My Way at the Paramount Theater, New York, 1944.

Novelization of The Bells of St. Mary's, 1946. 

Still from The Bells of St. Mary's, with Ingrid Bergman 1945.

Pamphlet (top: closed, bottom: open) promoting the MGM film Going Hollywood, 1933.

Signed photo, early 1930s.

Publicity photo for the Mack Sennett short, Billboard Girl, 1932.

Ad for gas appliances, 1957.

Bing with Anthony Quinn (left) and Bob Hope, Road to Morocco movie still, 1942.

Broadcasting to GIs with Bette Davis, 1945 press photo.

Special Road to Zanzibar script for overseas release, with instructions for writing subtitles, 1941.

Bearded Bing, 1943 Associated Press wire photo.

Cardboard record promoting the use of gas appliances, 1957. 

Sheet music, 1943. 

September 2, 1944 edition of Melody Maker, covering the first leg of Bing's trip to Europe to entertain troops during WWII.

With Frank Sinatra, 1943.

Circa 1952 ad for Bing Crosby Ice Cream.

1934 ad for Woodbury's Soap, one of Bing's earliest radio sponsors.

Pennant, circa 1930s.

Here Is My Heart window card, 1934. 

Bing with Frances Farmer, Rhythm on the Range movie still, 1936.

Paramount publicity photo, circa 1940.

Dodge ad, 1936. 

Autobiography, 1953.

Bing and the Andrews Sisters pose with songwriter Irving Berlin to promote their recording of Berlin's "The Freedom Train," 1947.

 Bing Crosby Paint color samples, circa 1950.

Promotional photo for a wartime rodeo featuring Bing and Bob Hope.

Promotional photo for United Cerebral Palsy Fund, with Bob Hope, 1952.

AC spark plug ad, 1959.

 Bing pitches Minute Maid on an in-store poster, early 1950s. 

RC Cola ad, 1946. 

With Bob Hope, Olympic Telethon, 1952. 

With Louis Armstrong on The Hollywood Palace, 1967 promo photo.

Ticket to the premiere of Going My Way, 1944.

 Ticket to Bing's radio show for Chesterfield, 1951. 

Lobby card, The Country Girl, 1954. 

Bing and Dean Martin on The Dean Martin Show, 1967.

In-store poster promoting Bing Crosby Ice Cream, 1953. 

Spreekt U/spreek je Flemish? Souvenir program for the Belgian release of Holiday Inn.

 Decal, circa 1950. 

Matchbooks promoting Holiday Inn (1942) and Double or Nothing (1937).

Theater flyer featuring Bing's The Star Maker, 1939

Bing poses with fans, late 1920s or early 1930s.

Circa early 1930s.

Lobby card, Road to Zanzibar, 1941.

Going My Way window card, 1944.

Welcome Stranger movie poster insert, 1947.

Concert tour poster, 1970s. 

With Fred Astaire, 1975 press photo. 

With William Frawley, John Scott Trotter, and Mary Martin in a still from Rhythm On the River, 1940.

Sheet music, 1944.

Remington electric shaver ad, 1948.

1950s Chesterfield Ad. Bing refused to pose using cigarettes, so retouchers were enlisted to airbrush the product in his mouth.

 Promotional pamphlet for the Chesterfield radio show. Same photo of Bing as above, different airbrushed cigarette.

Chesterfield in-store Christmas display, early 1950s. 

Pipes were another thing altogether. A pipe smoker until late in his life, Bing lent his name and image to a Mastercraft display, late 1940s.

Bing tips the porters after a trip by rail, publicity photo.

Lobby card, Holiday Inn, 1942.

UK sheet music.

Sheet music, 1942. 

Bing with Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Ted Williams, 1971 press photo. 

The Sporting News, December 6, 1945.

Carbon copy of a typed letter requesting that President Kennedy stay at Bing Crosby’s house in Palm Springs from June 7th through the 9th, 1963, and a handwritten note from Evelyn Lincoln (JFK’s personal secretary) to the President confirming that it is OK to stay at Crosby’s – on Sept. 28th and 29th. This was the second time Kennedy stayed at Crosby’s house, and it’s not the visit that famously triggered the Frank Sinatra temper tantrum that led to Ol’ Blue Eyes shutting Peter Lawford (JFK’s bro-in-law and liaison between Sinatra and the President) out of his life for not persuading Kennedy to stay at his house – which hed recently had tricked out with such Presidential amenities as a heliport and teletype equipment for that very reason.

Program for the Bing Crosby Pro-Am golf tournament, Rancho Santa Fe.

Bing Crosby Pebble Beach Pro-Am stickers.

 Ticket to the Bing Crosby Pro-Am golf tournament, Pebble Beach, 1961. 

Promotional toy cars, Bing Crosby Pro-Am, 1960s-'70s.

"Rancher Crosby's" Coffee Tap, circa 1950.

Carafe, 1960s or '70s.

Token, Del Mar Race Track, 1945. Bing and Pat O'Brien were co-owners.

Del Mar pamphlet, 1945.

Del Mar postcard, circa 1940.

With Pat O'Brien and Spencer Tracy, 1938. 

Made up as Mark Twain for the John Wayne TV special Swing Out Sweet Land. Promotional photo, 1971. 

Ad for Road to Morocco, 1942. 

Bing entertaining and mingling with troops during WWII.

Bing (and Hedy Lamar) in a war bond parade during WWII.

With Blythe Danner in the made-for-TV movie Dr. Cook's Garden. Promotional photo, 1971. 

Bing arrives at Heathrow Airport with sons Nathaniel (left) and Harry. Press photo, 1976. 

Bing and Ray Bolger induct Bing's brother Larry into the Bing Crosby Golf Hall of Fame, 1974.

Sheet music, 1961. 

Bing poses amidst video and audio tape machinery, which he funded when the technology was in its infancy, and pioneered the use of in the U.S. 
Press photo, circa 1950.

Souvenir program for the Belgian release of Going My Way.

Bing with Barry Fitzgerald and Rise Stevens, Going My Way movie still (signed by Stevens), 1944. 

With Nicole Maurey in a still from Little Boy Lost, 1953.

 One of Bing's hats and his favorite pair of shoes, circa 1960s-'70s. Authenticated by Bing's widow, Kathryn Crosby.

Necktie, tie clasp, pipe and tobacco pouch once owned by Bing. Authenticated by Kathryn Crosby.

Commencement program for Kathryn Crosby's nursing school graduation, signed by Bing, 1963.

Lobby card, Pennies From Heaven, 1936. 

On the Paramount lot with Danny Kaye and Audrey Hepburn in a 1954 press photo promoting Hepburn's current project, Sabrina.

Sheet music, 1942.

Photo taken on the set of Road to Rio (1947), signed and inscribed by Bing and Bob Hope to Dorothy Lamour and her husband, Bill Howard, as follows:

Dear Bill -- 
Some day I may tell you where he had his hand. 
-- Bing

To Dotty & Bill --
This is your good side.

From the estate of Dorothy Lamour.

 Breath-O-Lator, a product of the Bing Crosby Research Foundation. 

Another Crosby Research Foundation item, the Shavex Shaver Cradle. Likely late 1940s-early 1950s.

 Sister Elizabeth Kenny Foundation "Sock Polio" pamphlet and donation collection canister, 1945.

Ad for "The Crosby Derby" board game, circa 1940. 

 "The Crosby Derby."

Remington electric shaver ad, 1959. 

Brunswick Records catalog, 1934.

Magazine piece on High Time, 1960.

Bing hosts The Hollywood Palace, ABC-TV publicity still, 1969.

 Album for 78 rpm records; record cleaners, 1940s.

Ceramic figurine, approx. 7 inches tall, 1940s or '50s.

1936 General Electric radio ad.

Lobby card, She Loves Me Not, 1934.

Bing with Mary Carlisle in a Double or Nothing still, 1937.

"Stretch to Health" exercise device, 1940s.

Coloring Book, 1952.

 Coloring book, 1954.

In-store display for Stetson hats, late 1940s.

1944 movie still, Road to Utopia

Bing and Bob attract a crowd in England, 1961 press photo.

Trade ad promoting Bing's 1964-65 sitcom.

Collector cards/premiums featuring Bing, 1930s-1960s.

A still from The Big Broadcast, 1932. Left to right: Gracie Allen, Leila Hyams, Stuart Erwin, and Bing. A showcase for radio stars of the day, the film also starred Gracie's husband George Burns, Kate Smith, Cab Calloway, and the Mills Brothers.

 Circa 1930s bust; Bing-endorsed nylon stockings (1962 flour premium); 1970s logo patch for Bing Crosby International Classic LPGA tournament.

 Pepsodent toothpaste featuring Bing's image, early 1960s. 

Novelization of Man on Fire, 1957.

Bing with Bob Hope and mayor of New York John Lindsay in 1968. 

With Prince Philip in 1976.

Original NBC stage manager's script, Bing Crosby and the Sounds of Christmas TV special, 1971. 

Bing's season pass to National League baseball games for 1960, the year his Pittsburgh Pirates defeated the New York Yankees in the World Series on Bill Mazeroski's dramatic Game 7 home run.

With Mary Martin in a Rhythm on the River still, 1940.

Men's travel kit with plate bearing Bing's engraved signature. Given as a Christmas gift by Bing. 

Above and below: Photographs which were privately printed for an album commemorating Bing's dedication of a baseball field (which he helped fund) and the world premier of Riding High (directed by Frank Capra) in Front Royal, Virginia, 1950.

With director Frank Capra, circa 1950 promotional photo.

Holiday Inn paper dolls of Fred Astaire and Bing, 1940s.

Theater flier advertising Going Hollywood alongside the Marx Brothers' Duck Soup, 1933.

TV Guide ad promoting a 1959 Bing Crosby TV special with Frank Sinatra as his guest.

Still pitching for Minute Maid, 1969.

1967 La-Z-Boy magazine ad.

Charles M. Schulz's Snoopy's Grand Slam, dedicated to Bing, 1972.

With Percy Kilbride in a still from Welcome Stranger, 1947.

In-store display promoting Cat's Paw rubber heels, one of the sponsors of Bing and Rosemary Clooney's radio program, circa 1960.

Bing and Bob Hope endorse Munsingwear shirts, mid-1960s. 

Bing & sons (L to R: Lindsay, Dennis, Phil, and Gary), 1971 press photo.

Magazine insert, 33 & 1/3 r.p.m. record - part of a Remington electric shaver ad, 1959.

Oldsmobile ad, 1939.

3M ad, 1960s.

Ad for RCA radio tubes, early 1930s.

Lobby card, Waikiki Wedding, 1937.

The world was already beating a path to Bing's door by the time the Crosby Research Foundation built a better mousetrap, circa 1950.

With Eddie Lang and Stuart Erwin in a still from The Big Broadcast, 1932.

Questionnaire from columnist Hy Gardner, to which Bing has responded in his own hand, 1975. 

Promotional photo of Bing with bandleader Jimmy Grier, 1933. 

With Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra, 1936.

With director Frank Tuttle, 1938.

With Frank Sinatra in a still from High Society, 1956.

Quaker Oats promotes Bing's latest Paramount film, Rhythm On the Range, in a 1937 ad. 

A "photo statuette" of Bing, which could be yours for two Quaker Puffed Wheat or Puffed Rice box tops, as shown in the above ad.

Original art used for the cover of a TV listings newspaper supplement, 1959.

Souvenir booklet for the Japanese theatrical release of the Paramount film White Christmas, Tokyo, Japan, 1954.

Original publicity still transparency for Bing's short-lived ABC-TV sitcom, The Bing Crosby Show (1964-'65), featuring Bing, Beverly Garland, Carol Faylen, and Diane Sherry.

Bing and Bob hit the road once more in 1962, this time to encourage tourists to visit the state of Minnesota.

Bing and Risë Stevens pose with servicemen on the set of Going My Way, 1944. 

Bing poses with men of the U.S. Army Air Forces China Burma India Theater during the Second World War. The "Ike jackets," worn by two of the men in the photo, became standard issue in November of 1944. 

Dedication of the Crosby Library at Gonzaga University, 1957.

Bing's section of sidewalk outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre.

The #1 selling recording of all time.

Some of these images may also be viewed at the Official Home of Bing Crosby website, where they are more or less on permanent loan.

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